Is Vocational Training After High School The Right Choice For You?

Is Vocational Training After High School The Right Choice For You

Is college for everyone? How many times have you heard that question? The answer is no, college is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t all kinds of opportunities for continued education. Vocational school is one of them. This type of school trains students to take on a specific vocation or career upon graduation. Vocational training after high school can get students in the workplace faster and in careers that they enjoy and that pay well, too.

It has long been a misconception that a person must go to college in order to get a decent career and make a living. The truth is and has always been much more complicated than that. After all, not everyone that earns a degree lands a dream job, and remember, Steve Jobs did start Apple in a garage as a college dropout.

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My personal experience can also shed light on this subject. First, let me say that college is all about the experience and the education leading to growth and opportunities. It’s not about getting a piece of paper and immediately taking on a career. That is so robotic, and it’s not always how life works. Yes, there are those that get degrees with specific jobs in mind for sure, but there are just as many, if not more, that don’t.

To add, vocational training after high school does lead to a specific occupation. Now let me digress once more to add my personal experience. I did graduate from college, but get a load of this. I tacked on a teacher’s certification to my degree in English Lit to give me a career. After some life events, opportunities and all kinds of things, I gave up teaching and subsequently started a writing career. Writing had always been a passion of mine, hence the English degree. The climate for going into business as a writer was right, and I did.

You are thinking about what is right for you, and you need the right education and experience to help get you there. Is vocational school the right thing for you? These days, college can be so expensive. People don’t want to be loaded with debt. They want to work, support a family and save for retirement. To each his own when it comes to vocational school vs college, but those two choices aren’t even close to your only options. Decide what’s right for you and move forward towards your goals.

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