What Trade Suits Me Best? Things to Keep in Mind When choosing a Career for Life

The question “What trade suits me best?” is not to be taken lightly, but should also be based on your fun and sense of adventure as much as your academic prowess. If you are looking into the future and wondering which trade may suit you best you will need to keep some important things in mind.

1. Consider trades you find interesting

The first thing to do when looking for a trade that is right for you is finding something that melds your interests with those current professions in demand in your area. Research is essential to getting the best information and current industry trends and job openings will give you some clues as to what your local future holds.

2. Some trades open a wider range of career options

A trade with plenty of flexibility is a good idea as the need for skilled trades can change as time passes and with different regions. Look for those trades with many transferable skills. Electricians and mechanics are two such examples. Of course, specialty skills will have narrower job options. If you think you will like to switch things up every so often flexibility is crucial.

learn a new trade

3. “What Trade Suits Me Best? The one I can Begin Now!”

Consider the skills and interests you have right now and how these can be applied, explored and improved in your current environment. Are you a master at culinary techniques? Do you have a knack for understanding and repairing mechanical or electronic objects? Think of the countless ways you can transform your current skills and capacities into a potentially lucrative profession. This is the best way to measure how interested you actually are in a practice. At the very worst, you will improve the functionality of your home environment.

4. Become an expert in a niche area

Specializing in a particular aspect of your profession is the best way to become an expert and authority in an important skill. For example, if you are an adept woodworker you can consider learning how to work with hardwood furniture. This will allow you to place a finer point on your skill. Never forget the value of broadening the service range and applications of your transferable skill set.

5. The learning will never stop

After you have studied your career and mastered the skills you have, never forget that industries are in a constant state of revolution and you will be able to continue studying your skills and improve them through more and more study as time goes on.

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Retooling In Another Vocation To Reach Your Full Potential

If you want to work on retooling in another vocation, for example becoming an HVAC tech or a plumber, you have options. There are a lot of different things you could be doing now that would be better than what you’re working at. Jobs need to change sometimes or you just get stuck in a rut.

Before you get another job, be careful about who you talk to about your plans. You don’t want to tell a coworker who could then tell your boss what you’re planning on doing. You want to look for another career during your free time away from work and you want to make sure you have work in the meantime so don’t go around bragging to people that you are going to be making more money soon or anything like that. It can be exciting to change up your career, but try to keep the excitement contained until you for sure have a new job lined up.

retool for a different vocation

Figure out if the company you’re going to work for has a lot of ways for you to move up in it. You don’t want to get in on the ground floor of a company only to stay there and be more miserable than you were at your last job. Figure out what your options are for advancement in the company by doing some research and by asking if you’re in an interview with someone from the company. If it takes too long to move up or you can’t really get a better position than the one you’re being offered, you may want to go elsewhere.

The pay is going to have to be better if you’re ditching one job for another. If, however, you are going to make less at first but can move up to make more, that is okay as well. Just don’t go to a place where you’re going to get stuck getting paid less for your time there because then it wouldn’t make sense to move to that new job. There are a lot of careers you can get into so don’t give up hope and keep searching until the right opportunity makes itself apparent.

Retooling in another vocation is a good idea if you feel like you’re stuck in the same spot for a long time in your career. If you’re working somewhere where you just can’t advance, then it’s time to find another job that has more opportunities.

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